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CAN AM DS450 Wrap Cutting Template

CAN AM DS450 Wrap Cutting Template

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Downloadable CAN AM DS450 Wrap Cutting Template


Veccut helps you wrap quickly & accurately. It offers a variety of Motorcycle wrap templates available online to professional wrappers. The cutting templates are created with real size and include handy dimensions indicators. So, you'll be able to make sure you're in the correct location for the wrap. Additionally, you won't need cut your film right onto the surface of paint. It's a great benefit. The sleek, tight final product and a happy client. Select from a variety of Motorcycle brands and designs.

The dimensions and shapes of all sizes are depicted in net. They match exactly to real life.

Minor deviations can happen. This is due to temperatures, the aging process of rubbers as well as the process of the mounting. Thus, be sure to keep a millimeter of space inline while cutting.


  • The formats are formats such as CDR DXF, SVG, AI, EPS, and PLT file formats.
  • We can help you change the formats we offer (CDR, DXF, SVG AI, EPS PLT) to any other formats of vectors. (....). Simply use this online converter tool


  • More Accurate Wrap Templates
  • No More Cutting Of Paint Surface
  • Speed Up Your Wrapping

The wrap templates we offer are 10th scale, layering TIFF files that were created using Photoshop but aren't a vector. Drag or open graphic files to the design layer in every template view, and then put them in the order of your specifications for design. When you measure the width of a Motorcycle with the ruler tool available in Photoshop or Illustrator the width of the door could be 4.0 inches. If you are in your head, shift the decimal mark one number towards the left and you'll have the width of a 40-inch door. All of our designs to meet the specifications of the manufacturers of every vehicle. It is also possible to take measurements of your projected print panels by using the ruler tools in Photoshop or Illustrator. You can then improve the estimates of square footage.

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