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after payment automatically show download link on your screen also you received email download link.


I don't own any cutting plotters. Can I still use your digital templates?

Even if you do not have the cutting plotter you need There are a variety of alternatives:

  • Download the digital car wrap and then get it cut by a sign maker in your area.
  • It is possible to have us cut your desired piece. Contact us to inquire about costs.
  • It is possible to use the online car wrap templates to incorporate the design.

My plotter for cutting isn't sufficient in width. How do I make use of the templates for digital car wraps?

If your plotter for cutting isn't wide enough it is suggested to follow these steps:

  • Then, you can remove the digital model on a smaller paper and transfer it to the bigger sheet. After that, you'll be able to make the cut manually like the template on paper.
  • Instead of a computer-generated car wrap template, it is possible to select a printed car wrap templates.

What is the accuracy of the templates?

The designs are created in accordance with the size of the antenna and then thoroughly tested on the vehicle being tested. There is a chance that, due to age and possibly a gap on the mount of an antenna, the rubbers surrounding the antenna may shrink or expand. Therefore, always ensure that the vehicle wrap templates fit on the antenna. You can also make an inline of a millimeter to cut.

Does the dimension of the car body exactly as I want it to be or do I need to add an bleed?

The dimension of the body can be measured precisely. To be able to correctly apply the film make sure you add the entire area with a large bleed.

What's the estimated delivery date for your templates to wrap cars?

The digital car wrap templates can be downloaded immediately after the completion of the payment. Templates that are ordered in physical form by midnight (CET) are shipped that day or the following time of the latest.